Clif Nutrition Bar (12 Pack)

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Pack of 12

Many cyclists swear by the Clif bars as a great source of energy on a long ride. The Clif bar is a "go to" nutritional snack for many endurance athletes while also being a welcome addition to those simply after a healthy alternative between meals.

The story behind the company is interesting - Clif was founded by Gary Erickson (a baker and former mountain guide) who set out perfecting the Clif bar in his mothers kitchen following a realisation, during a 280km bike ride, that he couldnt stomach another boring energy bar. The brand was formed and named after Gary's father, Clifford, who was his childhood hero.

As well as tasting pretty good, each bar also includes 10g of protein; 38g Carbohydrate (25g sugar) and an array of vitamins.

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